The Falzons – the family behind the podcast.

We’re the Falzons; a family in progress. We are not perfect, but neither is any body else. My name is Robbie and together with my wonderful wife Rikki, we’ve started a podcast. We have three children together, Allegra, Nora and Dustin. Rikki and I are lucky enough to have met at the age of 18 and have been in love since our first meeting. We were married in 2014 and become parents nine months later. Since then we’ve realised how unpredictable and chaotic parenting can be. There may be some who say they prepared for children, but do you believe them? Not for a second! But we can try and be prepared as possible. Our parenting journey has taught us that there is not, and there never will be, one type of parenting. It is always changing as our understanding of the human race is evolving year on year. We decided that in order to be the parents we want to be, we need to be always learning, always looking and we’d love you all to join us in becoming the best parents we can be.

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